The week. An update.


oh my, haven't written for a whole week.

So the problem with my phone got solved, first I got a phone from jean (which didn't work out quite as well as I imagined), but then my phone came back to life, so everything is alright.


Took a little ride to Hoggard to get the phone from Jean and to bring some shoes to mr. Soodek for his marine science class.

I probably just hang around, at some evening I tidied my room which was looking a bit out of order ?


I'm really sorry for not remembering a lot from a week ago, I just know at some point, I spent time in the pool because it's so hot out now that pool or beach are the two only comfortable outside choices - thanks to air conditioning, inside is nice too, but it feels like a waste...

I organized to meet up with kaya and Alexei to make truffles on Friday morning


As I mentioned, kaya came over- way later than I expected, because I thought she would come in the morning, while ache wanted to come in the late evening- so Alexei was there for a bit and I texted Kaya again to find out when she would show up and so she got into the car and showed up- the truffles are amazing, especially considering I found them on sale from 15$ down to 1.50$ :D

It was a mix, so it didn't really matter that it was a few days expired.

In the evening, we had Hannah's graduation party, which was a desert party, so I just had loads of sweets for dinner. But pretty good ones, Hannah selected some French petites, Amos those things filled with cream, cake and so on... We also provided fruits, so I ate plenty of watermelons and raspberries.

I went to bed around eleven, I was just tired out of the sudden, while Hannah stayed up.


When Willian showed up in 1 am in the morning, that must have been the greatest surprise for Hannah and the best graduation present we could have gotten for her.

In the evening we attended a three hour graduation, which is basically reading the names of over 500 students and applauding. But all those cap and gowns are super cool, I'll upload some pictures later on. (Too lazy right now, sorry I'm in summer break mode)


William and Albert had to leave around 11, afterwards it was us three women again. Mentally preparing for the next week, with Kelleys and Hannah's trip to Italy, while I was looking forward to stay for two days with the Halls (my first host family if you re ally) and for the other few days with the Bagnals (Anne's family).

I took a bike ride. In the glowing sun. For an hour. At least, I took water with me. It still was exhausting. Not to worry though, I still was energetic enough to go out to chipotle, and to carolina beach, where I had the chance to play a little pool (even though I lost^^). 


Sleeping loooong. I really enjoy the summer break and being able to sleep in, especially on Mondays.

I took another bike ride, this time a bit later, but it was still hot. Lets just say, all the biking looks positive for my legs.


Getting up at some early time like 8,  doing some laundry to get ready to spent over a week outside the house I normally live in, go out for brunch, help looking for shoes as awesome shopping companion and getting back home, where jean picked me up around five.

We stopped at a garage, because she needed to get the final touches of a car inspection done, we arrived at the house on the voyagers way, I had a dinner that eminded me of Germany and I went to bed.


I slept in, which was nice, I spent my morning with a good breakfast, as in preparation for the paddle boarding I did today together with Katy. And man, it was great. I had a really good time, I'll probably feel the paddling tomorrow min my shoulders but whatever.

We also went for ice cream downtown afterwards.

I started to watch doctor who tonight, because I heard so much good things about the show.