Lorikeets, turtles and alligators 


On Friday I went to fort fisher with Alexei to see the exhibition of the lorikeets. They were really adorable. 


We also spent some time at the beach, but it was very hot (we had the last days at least 35°C very day), so we went to get some air conditioning.

On Saturday, after a pancake breakfast, Anne and I went out to go kayaking on greenfield lake. Right in the beginning, we saw a small alligator and during our time on the lake we saw a lot of turtles. A whole lot. 


In the evening, I went out with Alexei's family and friends, we got some great (though fried) seafood and Ungar out at the broad walk, which is btw amazing. I think the renewed it for all the tourists.

Standing on the railing, staring out at the same, I kind of realized how much I miss y'all and that I'm ready to go home, but that I will miss Wilmington and all the faces I associate with it as well.

Today, on Sunday, we went to church in the morning, panera bread for brunch and to the beach in the afternoon, which was nice. We built sandcastles as if we're way younger and I got to keep on working on my tan (even though I'm careful, the sun here is much more intense than in Germany and even tan people here get skin cancer due to high sun exposure).