Just a draft


uhm, I kind of forgot writing my blog lately, pout so much stuff happend!

Wednesday we had the end of the year tournament in fencing

Thursday my last real day of school here in wilmington, I'll have to go back at Tuesday though for the final exam in math. Also I took the school us for the first time

Friday evening I saw a Shakespeare play with Anne, her family and Alexei.

Saturday I went to a beach soccer tournament, were at the beach for hours (didn't get too bad of a sunburn), went to a graduation party in the evening and them back to the beach with Arielle and Anne, we met up with Andrew.

Sunday, I spent my morning mainly scrapbooking, getting already a whole page for June filled and went to a cruise with Anne's church youth group in the evening.

Today (Monday), I went out with Hannah and bought a dress, a sun hat and a cool jacket (couldn't find any for you dad, sorry, but I'm still looking)
More information and pictures will be added soon.