Berichte von 07/2015

GoodBye Party



  • Eiscremeparty, also ganz viele Toppings und jeder hat einkreme bringen dürfen :D

  • Ich hab einen blau-weiß-roten Blimenkranz und ein patriotisches tshirt für den 4. Juli bekommen :D

  • Wir sind abends für einen Spaziergang raus und haben verrückte Sachen wie in dem Heck eines Trucks fahren gemacht

  • Es war echt toll

  • Ich bin zu faul gute deutsche Sätze zu formen :P

Too much happened for one post...


the last thing I talked about were the kayaking and lorikeets? Wohaa, long time.

Okay. Not sure about the weekend. Sunday I went with the bagnals to church, where there was a pretty good blue gras band. I didn't enjoy the youth group lesson too mic, but afterwards we went to panera bread for brunch. And to the beach in the afternoon. We made some pretty cool sandcastles.

Tuesday I attended Anne's WYBe meeting, we had a nice walk in the evening.

At some day (Wednesday or Thursday), Anne, Trent and I walked around the neighborhood at night too. That was really nice. 

Thursday morning, I also gave my presentation to the rotary club of Wallace to say goodbye and thank you.

Friday, David took Anne and me to the beach, where we tried to surf, but the boards weren't long boards and that's apperantly harder, at least I had troubles to not nose dive. After that I went back to the Wagners, (did I?)

I can't remember dates :/

At some time when I stayed with the Bagnals, Anne, Arielle, Bradleigh, her boyfriend, Alexei and I went to defy gravity. 

 Well, fast forward. When back at the Wagners, I got told a bunch of good stories from Italy, also I got milka chocolate. So that's very good :3 

Yesterday (Monday), I biked to Anne and we had some good time in the pool. After that, I biked to several stores to get material for my goodbye present and I'm pretty proud of it. So far. I still need a quote. If you have a good one, please leave it in the notes. Something about leaving or exchange year...

Today was pretty great, I met Arielle and Anne and we went to the beach, where I tried to improve my tan and we ate Brits doughnuts. If you believe the locals the best doughnuts in the United States by the way.

Also, I didn't get bitten by a shark, which is good considering the shark at yaks lately :P (mainly scaring you, there were 3 two weekends ago and this week again one, but farther away).

And I kinda binge watched Netflix tonight, which has to be sometimes too.