So, I'm kind of in the mood to write a little bit in my second language...
The school week started and it seems to be not as much homework as in the first week. It's still a lot but I seem to getting used to it.
In English we begin to read a book called "Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass" ...it's a classic slave narrative. This guy wrote the book, when he was a slave and later he got free, but the first chapter is already bloody, I kinda like it :D Bad thing is, we have to take notes for. Every. Single. Page. -.- it's annoying, because I like to read with the flow.

I'm not sure if I like the way we are teached Spanish here, because we learn whole sentences and not single words and we don't have any grammar yet.
It's like with dogs: at the and we understand the orders, but we won't be able to understand a new sentence with the words we already have learned but not in this content. It's essential for a conversation, that you can built new statements.
But maybe that will come. Yes, I'm a Streber, I learn with an app parallel to my lessons at school Spanish.

In my pre-test about vocabulary English, that means English words, which even the native speakers have to learn, I reached 34%, what is pretty bad.
My teacher said, for a pre-test it's ok...

My first test in AP Biology was quite good for the fact that it was about chemistry...
I think I got more than 90%.

I was introduced today to new message apps I didn't know yet :)
One is named kik, which remembers me all the time at the clothing store in Germany :D

That was everything for today, hope, you did understand a bit, good bye