Wochenende... Zu schnell vorbei :(


Guys, this weekend was great... And over too fast :/

On Saturday I had the fencing tournament, where we won 2 matches and lost three, but it was still a lot of fun and I won against one guy who was really fast and I didn't expect to win, but yeah, I did :D
Discovered that the really tall and good fencer I met last week in the club has a twin brother, they told me, people call them the terrifying twins in tournaments ?
Not sure if I like that there are two of them or not, I'm not good with names :P

Back home, I started on my preparation for the English essay which we gonna write on Monday.

At 6 o clock, Alexei picked me up and we drove to OC (osteria cicchetti, but nobody is sure how to pronounce it, so OC works), we dined quite good and fancy :D

We watched "catch me if you can" and that movie is great, so we had a good time :)

Today basically all I did was doing more for English, now I'm kind of trying to learn a bit for my Biology test tomorrow.
And I changed my bed sheets, watched the kitties sleeping, chatted with Kelly and a bit with Al (but he isn't as talkative as Kelly) and skyped with my lovely parents.

Next week is going to be relaxing, because we have only two days of school and then thanksgiving holidays! ??

I didn't make my bee sting muffins that I planned for today, but I guess sometime next week, they will raise in the oven, ready for this brave new world... And get eaten.

(See that allusion that I used? I'm so great that I use rhetorical devices...)