Where do I start...? Mhh
We had wonderful weather yesterday.
I woke up pretty late (for my American wake-up time, which is way earlier than in Germany, what is good, because sleeping till 12 seems weird to some people) and ate a very american breakfast: a bagel with peanut butter and jelly.
Than I returned to my room and watched the 70's show on my iPad... Hopefully it won't get an addiction :P

Then Chris asked me if I want to join Jude and him to go to the beach and watch a surf competition.
Of course I was all over for this idea and so we three got in the van.

I saw some pretty amazing rides and had a good time getting tanner in the sun. I didn't went into the water because 1. I forgot to put on a bikini, 2. the water was pretty cold, 3. the area of the surfers was prohibited for non-surfers...

We got back home, I ate another bagel (with cream cheese and jelly) and then I went with Jude and Jean picking up Sophie. Before we went to her, we stopped at the library and I got a book about bread and a book by Dan Brown :)

Nothing much happened that day, so I decided not to post anything. Even though there wasn't much action, I was pretty tired that night and went to bed early and waked up at seven today. At seven o clock. Me.

Anyways, my breakfast was muesli and I decided to do a little bit for school. After two sentences for my English essay (which is till Tuesday :/) I did my Spanish homework because I can't think of anything really good to say in English.

We visited an art exhibition in the park today and it was lovely, photos will follow. I even got something, but I don't know if it's gonna be a present for one of you guys, so there will be no photo of this :P

5min after we came home, the secretary of the Wallace rotary club came over to have a little meeting with us... It's just to make sure everything is alright and we had a nice little chat.

After she was gone, I made myself some hot chocolate with marshmallows in it and it isn't mind blowing but pretty good :D

Now I'm writing this, thinking about, that I'm supposed to write an essay and stuff.

Plans for October
I am invited to join an Octoberfest! This is going to be fun, next weekend you will hear the whole story :D
The week after this, Jude, Chris and I might go to a renaissance/middle age market, I'm looking forward to find out what is middle age in America.
There's a zombie walk in Raleigh, but I don't think we have the time to go...
And as you know, for Halloween I'll go to some haunted house *excited*

And as the tipster would say:
That's all I have for you today, Vikings! Concluding this episode of Natalie's blog (/of the morning show), I'm Natalie Schmidt (/Jacob ...), remember to make good choices and have a wonderful day.

Later on...
Ok, here I am again.
The day went on without me doing anything for English. Instead I watched a competition of men chopping wood. On TV...


I spoke with Jean about making bread and we got all the missing ingredients this evening, before we picked up Sophie (yes, that girl is busy, we pick her up a lot :P). I guess it's gonna be a sweet bread, but it's without yeast and doesn't take 5 hours, so it's the better choice for the beginning.
Chatting and joking with Jean and Chris feels almost like family already.

This is published kind of late because the wifi isn't working as I write this...

Another thought: Do I use to many smileys? :D