Weekend! Beach, cookout, pizza and breakfast (...and school :/)


I slept not until 12, but I got up at 12. Hannah, Haleigh and I decided to go to the beach together.

After having breakfast/Brunch/lunch, or however we want to call the first meal of the day at 1:30 pm, we got outside to get into the truck... Which was gone. So we played four-square (what requires four people) in threes (I don't like the game, neither did I see the content) and did jumping ropes - man, that was easier in elemantary school. Feeling old.

Al returned with the truck, we drove up to Fort Fisher, because parking there is free. Some awesome pictures:


Also we went to cookout, were I got a shake and then we went home, I sent the pictures to Haleigh and Hannah took her home.

I didn't drive with them because Alexei picked me up soon after and we went with some of his friends to Brixx, a good pizz place. Afterwards we went home to one of them and had a nice time sitting around the campfire and chatting. (Even though the used telephone books for their fire - which isn't bad. But the plastic should be taken off...) I was invited to breakfast the next morning.

So Alexei picked me up again at Sunday morning, we drove to Mayfair were we met two people at Atlanta bread and were joined about 15min later by the rest of the group. Had a good croissant with strawberries. I got back home pretty soon though, because I had to catch up with some school work I missed Wednesday and Thursday.

So for the rest of the day I studied and did homework. And worked on my scrapbook :)