Wednesday- great grades, apple strudel and fencing


Today was really good :)

In biology we are still correcting our tests, but because we are multitasking-able, we watched a documentary about Ebola in 1990 that was pretty good (still enjoying this class so much ...maybe because I have to use my brain and it feels important enough to learn)
In English, we talked a lot today and I like this kind of English classes because there will always evolve good thoughts (a few strange ones too, but never mind ;) )
I had to hand in my essay about North Korea, I don't feel really comfortable about it, because I think that I know way to less to write something about it.
At lunch I found together with Virginia, the exchange student from Italy, mr. Newton and we decided to meet in 4th period to eat it
In the midterms of Spanish I got a 98 (for not really studying that's pretty amazing) and we did a few exercises...
In ceramics I did my third Viking (there are enough people in Hoggard who'll take one) and colored another one, then coach Newton came into the room with Virginia and we went into the teachers room (at least I guess, it's the place where they eat) and pit the strudel in the microwave, looked for a knife (the best we found was one made of plastic and mr. Newton had to go somewhere else to get it! They can't take the risk of any real knife in the school), and this stuff is pretty good in warm :D

After school I waited together with some fencing guys that training would start and it was awesome today!
Warmed up in a match against TJ, won the others like 4:5 every time, so that we fenced for quite a while and I got my movement and aww

Got picked up by jean, we got cream cheese and selters (my personal wish) and went home after this.
Good calzone was my dinner, made by Sophie and Jude :)
Printed out something for tutoring tomorrow in English (yeay, spending my lunch talking about an old essay, anyways), almost crashed the printer (typically Natalie), but nothing bad happened :)
Watched a good YouTube clip with Chris and then went down to my room, short workout, shower, and now I lay here in my bed, am happy and warm and listen to music :)

Hope you had such a fabulous day as I did,
Adios amigos