Even though the break caused relaxation, Tuesday already got me tired. In biology we did genetics, what is great, in English we finished the assignment to the devil and Tom walker -almost. In lunch I sat with Alexei and did tutoring for the second half. So much fun together with Arielle. Biology fights/discussions/arguments are fun :)
Spanish... We are supposed to learn answers to sentences, so that's bad for me as I'm not good in listening comprehension and we basically learned nothing this semester.
In ceramics I was busy doing nothing because nothing of my stuff was fired what makes painting a stupid idea.
Didn't go to fencing that night, too unmotivated. I spent half my afternoon staring blankly around.
But the assignment for English was to write a short essay about the story mentioned above, and I'm quite happy with the outcome.

Biology: nice, more genetics.
English: we started to read an excerpt of Moby-Dick... Everyone else in class complained how boring it is, I had more trouble with all those ship words that I don't know yet. The story alone is okay. I guess. Spoiler: at the end everybody drowns.
Lunch break was ...strange. I headed towards the cafeteria and went in their, ready to sit with the first person who makes eye contact with me (aka Alexei or less presumably someone from my biology friends), but suddenly I felt really frustrated and trapped by all those noises and it just felt like to many humans. So I took a step out of the cafeteria and looked through the large windows, what is kind of nice as you can see a lot without standing in the mass.
Alexei found me there, but I decided to be alone and so I ate the first 30min trying to figure out what is wrong with me (I blamed it finally on the cold weather and that I might be getting sick), and took a small walk at the end.
Second half was tutoring again, we are basically helping one kid in the classroom and the others don't seem to have questions. A little discussion with Arielle about biology got my mood up. At least slightly.
In Spanish, the one annoying girl I was complaining before is back. We got a review packet of which I should be exempt. I only hope that I'll be exempt of the exam too because I doubt that anything really sticked with me during the class.
In ceramics, my plates and bowl were fired so I had something to paint

In the evening I did homework (moby-dick) and went to fencing. Fencing was the best decision of the evening, it was fun to have foils in the hand again and we prepared for the tournament on Saturday so we were even a bit competitive with each other. I got a lot of hugs that night :)