Biology- photosynthesis.
English- presentation by a senior about the treatment of anxiety and depression... I feel like our BeLL projects back in Germany are more work
Spanish- senior aw -.- he marked me absent for Wednesday even though I was in the office and checked out and did everything right (I asked) ...but I won't care about him.
Ceramics- almost finished the monkey, then I saw theat I had forgotten the wings, so I'll have to work on it today too.

After school I talked with jean, maybe I'm going to read some german story to elemantary schoolers- in german- they're supposed to hear different languages. Any ideas what I should pick? I was thinking about some cruel grim fairytale or a Christmas story. Comments below.

English homework.

Rotary Christmas dinner! It was nice, the food was really good and after starting a bit slow at the beginning (some came like half an hour late) it was a goo evening.

Back home at 10, finished English homework, started on Spanish (I completed it this morning) and went to sleep at midnight. Might have been earlier, but a certain person is worth to stay a bit longer awake for :*

Today I have a filled schedule, so you might hear of me at Sunday, as I go to a Christmas parade tonight and to a tournament of ultimate frisbee tomorrow.

Adios amigos!