Thursday + Friday


The problem with not blogging for quite a time...
Small idea what I did on Thursday. I went fencing at night. We had a little test in anatomy, where I got 21/25 points. Could be better. Same in the math quiz. 21/25. Mistakes that don't need to be done. I met Virginia in the lunch and Melissa and we had a good time. I think we measured our pulse and made sport for that in the hallway in anatomy and physiology class. That was fun.
Friday we had a fire drill!
We have a fire drill every month btw.
But let me start from the beginning. AP Biology was normal, and in marine science we had a sub and tasks to solve because our teacher wasn't there.
Then the announcements. The new guy doing the morning show seemed to be not very motivated anymore, so he was kind of messing around with it... Ending with "Don't get anyone pregnant" instead of "Stay classy Hoggard" shocked everyone so much, that he got fired.
Anyhow, shortly after his announcement, the fire alarm went of, we all went out (thank goodness the weather was nice). Some girls tried to take pictures with our sub, about 65 year old Ms. N, who didn't want that. She "doesn't do selfies", as she said. It was pretty humorous, but only people who know her understand the humor of it I guess...
Back inside, the boy who did the announcements was called to the office, what I was able to recognize as his room is right next to ours. Additionally, when he came back, he didn't went into his room, but in ours and told all is friends, that he got fired, and they told him, that he should have said something worse.
Than Ms. N started watching some comedian from times of a past president (who was shown in the applauding audience throughout the vid), after that got to boring, she switched to the eagle live cam. We watched eagle nests. And did our assigned work, or copied the answers of the first period class, who had the same tasks (psssst). I did half and half.
Math is pretty ok, it's not boring, but I still feel confident but because of my lacking vocab I'm still improving.
We finished watching "how not to die", which is a pretty nice extra of a tv show about autopsy.
Frisbee after school, we cancelled having practice on Tuesday because nobody showed up.