The Wagners


Yesterday morning I woke up and was a bit sad that I already have to pack again. Took me three hours of (not-so-focused) tidying up and bag packing until I had my suitcase and 5 other bags (yes... Don't want to know what I do when I fly back) ready, said goodby to the Halls (I got neat presents, chocolate, a little surfboard for the Christmas tree and a Hoggard pin) and drove with Jean close to school. Like really close to the school. That's great. In emergency I could bike or walk to the school within minutes.
My new host mum is Kelly, she works part time in different stores (at the times she chooses as it seems to me), studied marshal arts (that's what you are doing, right Clara?) and volunteers at a cats shelter.

My host sister Hannah is a senior and we seem to have quite a few things in common, so it's going to be a fun time.
I'll have a host dad and a host brother too, but both of them are often away and I'll see them later this week.

Seven cats is fun. They were not allowed to come in my room before I arrived (or at least the door was closed) so now it's the most amazing thing for them to sneak into my room :)
Sounds like, I'll have good food here and everything seems really good.

I think I'll go more in depth later on, but now I'll prepare for my presentation in the German class :D