The perfect breakfast


At Wednesday we had a two hour delay because of the risk ful ice on the streets...
I set my alarm for 8 am and got up at that time and then I went to the kitchen where I also found Hannah and Kelley. While Hannah made bacon and pressed Frey orange juice, I prepared batter for german pancakes and made them after that. Combined with the apple sauce Kelley made on Tuesday- oh my gosh, that was such a great breakfast.

Also great news this morning:
Steve called and told us that my third host family won't be able to take me. I will stay for the rest of the year with the Wagners!

Thanks to the two hour delay, we had only 60min lessons instead of 90min and so our biology exam was postponed to Thursday as my Maths test.
More sponge stuff in marine science, in math we should have had a review but I was called together with two others into the library to fill out papers for the ACT. Every junior has to take the ACT. It's something to apply to college, so I'm not sure why I should write it. Also, everyone told me, that that's basically 5h of lifetime wasted. Kelley tried already to get my exempt from it, but they will still force me to take it.
So it took us over an hour just to fill out the paper work with our names and everything. With questions at the end (that are supposed to help with future job decisions) like: "Would you like to design a bird feeder?", "Would you like to moan a lawn?" And stuff like this. I missed my whole math class. I also missed a part of anatomy thanks to those unnecessary things. Pfff, okay. Frustration of the day went into that.
In anatomy I was back early enough to write the test about the anatomy of skin and I think I did quite well.

After school I pretended to myself to study biology and read about different enzymes during DNA replication for 20min, then I got really tired and slept for quite a while or was at least in a sleepy phase.
Of course I got up for fencing and had a lot of fun because I actually warmed up this time and didn't feel as slow what bothered me lately.