The miracle of life, P.T.s and pool


At Saturday, we met at noon to watch a video about child development (yeah, we are geeks) at Arielles place. We means Anne, Maddie, Kathy, and me (and Arielle of course). One and a half hours of embryos and the weird couple, where the guy made whale noises on his wife's belly.

After that we decided to go out for lunch, and so we headed towards P.T.s, only with the problem, that Arielle wasn't sure to which one and we lost Maddie, who's car we were following. Anyways, after 40min driving all over the town, we found the place finally.

Maddie had to leave 10min after we arrived, which was a bit sad maybe :/

But after we were finished with our burgers, we decided to go to Anne's place and use her pool, which was really nice. We have pool weather here if I haven't mentioned that yet. Steve suddenly showed up, because I'll stay with Anne for about a week and he has to check that everything is alright.

When I came home, I had to learn that our wifi, Television and phone (aka everything with cable) is down and won't be there until Wednesday.