The Christmas House


Yesterday my mood was so good and my energy was so high, that I went jogging and doing a little bit of workout after we arrived home.
(Yes, I'm such a great idol)
The weather was just so good for this, during my sport the sky turned from blue to a purple-pink shade, it was amazing.

We had delicious dinner, pasta with a sea fruit sauce, then I went to bed... Or better say to iPad, and stayed up pretty late even though I didn't plant to.

Because of that I was in bed today till 11 (was awake a little earlier, but the blanket wouldn't let me go)

At 1pm we (Chris, jean, Jude and I) got in the car and drove even farther south from Wilmington, were we got on a ferry.
After we went with the boat for about 20min we got to South Port and went eating :D
That was a pretty heavy lunch/dinner...
Shrimps and crab cake and everything fried...
But it was good.

IMG_0926.JPGI loved their decorations

And now comes the crazy stuff:
We went to the Christmas House.
A house full with Christmas stuff, stuff that you could gift at Christmas, Halloween decoration because it's this time of the year and sweets.



On our way back, we had the pleasure of an amazing sunset.

Oh, and before we got on the ferry, there were rocking chairs and one exciting fact:
Everybody on them was reading instead of staring on a cell phone. I felt in love with this moment.

Sorry, that there is only a picture of me, I missed to photograph the other persons (mainly because it would be a little creepy and weird, if some stranger just takes pictures of you...)