Thank god it's Friday!


Biology is still nice, but we got a bit of topic today.
But, ozone of the best moments of the day: the epic biology-fight with bradleigh :D (remember that girl who was on the picture when we had ice cream in biology? This girl.) at the end of class. We had really fun, I even won the fight because I was right (I wouldn't fight out of other reasons)

English was good too, we prepared for the test on Monday, it's gonna be about the book.
That means at the same time: a plethora of work over the weekend.

In lunch I couldn't find my lunch friends (I have to admit that I didn't searched for long, because it was cold) so I went in the cafeteria and sat with people I met at Halloween. It was quite funny and the time went by fast.

Spanish, I was done again like in 30min for what we had 90min.
But, great thing: one boy brought a pancake maker in, with pancake in it and had a fight with senior aw if he had to throw it away. He didn't have to, but put it in a counter. The whole room smelled like pancakes.
In the time I had left over because senior aw seems to be not motivated to teach, I wrote a bit with Tom :) miss you

Ceramics... Coloring the face jug... Boring. I should sit myself somewhere else, the girls next to me don't have a brain (typical pretties, if you go after stereotypes) and are not my choice of conversation partners.

After school I changed for frisbee (in the toilet, they don't have changing rooms... Or they have but only for football players...) and was happy to have gloves with me because your hands getting really cold during playing.
Crazy people there today, but it was still fun^^

At home I made a pumpkin/squash soup and it's amazing *-*

I would do some exercise tonight but right now I have a cat on my butt so I'm not able to stand up ?