Tests back, planning and pancakes.


In biology, we got the multiple choice part of our exam back - 94 points :D without really studying for it. Proud of myself, and there are not that many others who did well. After I was happy about my results there, we got one hour time to work on test corrections. I finished one test corrections I still had left over from last semester and started the correction for this test but in the end I was more chatting with Anne. We started planning for brunch on Saturday and asked bradleigh -who couldn't come, Arielle -who wasn't really sure and Andrew -who was happy to come and meet us.
Also we started on the coding for proteins via DNA. Another topic I've already learned about in Germany.
In marine science, we played jeopardy (who presses the buzzer first is allowed to answer, gets points added for correct answer and points taken away for wrong answer) about sponges and animals like jellyfish. We haven't learned anything about jellyfish yet, so there were a few hard questions.
We were interrupted by a fire drill, so that we had to write the quiz right away when we returned.
Also, we are supposed to take care of the tanks now and so we filled up water and cleaned stuff.
In A-lunch, I took the quiz, what was pretty successful and then I was sitting a bit around outside- the gym was closed because it wasn't cold enough.
Got the test back in math, only a 79- not my best result. And we started with exponent and logarithm functions. I don't want to do that. I'm bad with logarithms.
In anatomy we took a test about membranes and skin... I'm not a hundred percent pleased with my performance on that but we'll see when I get the test back.

This time, I didn't ride home with Alexei after school but met Steve , with whom I drove up to Wallace where the rotary club had a pancake supper.
The blueberry pancakes were really great and I saw Abi (from RYLA) again and had nice conversations with some of the Rotarians.
Stephanie gave me a ride home and then I basically watched how I met your mother until 11pm.