Tests and strawberry DNA


Thursday morning. No delay. Natalie tired.
However, we had an exam this morning in biology.
I feel like I did good. We had 50 multiple choice questions and two essays to write and I finished everything in time even though my last essay won't be my best source of points because I didn't really know how to answer the question and just write all my knowledge relating to the question down.
In marine science, we had a sub. Again. Bookwork. Sponges. (More about the sponge issue later)
In lunch, I sat with Anne and her friends (I don't think of them as my friends yet, but maybe Trent... He seems really nice and worth a friendship). I thought I could go to math and write a quiz from last week in B-lunch but apparently, tutoring is in A-lunch, so I missed it.
Anne told me, she would go and help Arielle with a lab in biology during B-lunch though, so I went to the biology room and had fun helping them with the strawberry DNA.
The test in math was ok, took the whole period,
In anatomy, we went through several slides about skin and spoke about burns and skin cancer. It was fascinating.

Alexei gave me a ride home after school, I did my additional math assignment (for extra points in the test) and thought, I would be done with the homework... But then I remembered marine science.
Flash cards, normally not a big deal, about 10...
This time it were over 25 and they all had description as you can not see the consistency of a sponge in the picture. Instead of half an hour what I expected, I sat over two hours on that homework, skipped fencing thanks to that and slept maybe a bit later than planned.