Taking a "walk", buying shoes and eat pizza


I woke up at 10:30 by myself, which is early considering that I slept sometime around one but late compared to the other times I got up lately.
After hanging mostly around in the morning, we all decided to take a little walk together. However, when we wanted to go finally out, it started raining. So we drove to the mall where we walked through the whole building twice.
I remembered that I would go on a field trip on Monday with marine science so I needed rain boots.
After visiting three stores, we found a nice pair in K-market. Later more about them.
We brought Al to the airport, went to Kohls and a few other stores just to look around and then got home.
My plan for the weekend was to get two presentations done and I did nothing.
Instead, I went out with Alexei for pizza and we watched an episode of lilyhammer, not a movie because it was Sunday evening and school on Monday makes it a bad decision to have long nights...