The Weekend is already over? What?

So anyways, today I woke up at 10... Or 11?
Not sure, but I got dressed, had a small breakfast (still felt stuffed after yesterday) and went back on my bed, made a mental plan for today.

-writing my blog
-doing English homework
-something else

After one hour skyping with my parents, I finished annotating the chapters and started answering the questions.

I took a break of that because we went shopping, so now I have a new jacket (really appropriate for cold times) and I was for the first time at Victoria Secret, so half of the (female) friends I left back home, be jealous, I know the other half doesn't really care :P
Things I learned in there:
- german bra sizes are different to American
- wanna wear it out? isn't the question if I want to wear it somewhere else than in the house, it means if I want to keep wearing it instead of changing again to leave the store.
- this store is kind of expensive...

Finished the questions back home, had meatloaf for dinner, gave the cats catnip, so that they got jealous and attained each other, used one mask on the cats (yes, we're mean) and texted with Alexei.

I hope your day was as full of adventures as mine, adieu