Study Group


My. I day morning started with me learning in Biology class that the test that we were gonna write that day was a take home test and so we were allowed to use our book, our notes and work with others. Also, we documented the results of our gel electrophoresis lab and I showed my friends the map of Germany and explained where different places are.

In marine science, we had a sub and no tasks to work on exept of our tank. I fed Eugene, our crab with frozen fish, which wasn't as amazing as I could pretend now, but it was fun.

We took a test in math and I finished in time and everything.

We had a sub in anatomy, too. But because we have still the project of groups presenting their body system going on, they teached us - it was only slightly chaotic, because the class was a bit less under control.

Because of the suddenly appeared biology test, my biology squad met after school at Starbucks/Zoës Kitchen to work on that and Arielle was so nice to give Anne and me a ride, on which we listened to german music ?

We had a good time solving all the problems, and after about 2h Kelley picked me up and we two went to Tae kwon do and krav maaga, so that I got like 2h of sport that day.

Made myself a dinner, that disgusted my dear host family (potato cakes, chicken, tomatoes, red cabbage and cream). Slept at one in the morning, no idea, why I do this to myself :P