Storm, candy and celebrating the stars


I got up at 11:30 this morning. After going to bed at 11 and falling asleep at 12 o'clock yesterday night.
I mean, I was awake earlier but I heard thunder and rain behind my window, so I decided to sleep on.

Breakfast didn't include pancakes, maybe because considering food at noon isn't breakfast anymore.
So my brunch was pumpkin English muffins with jam and banana, later when jean came home (she brought the pancakes from the drive thru), I ate a pancake with Nutella.

Also I tried some of the candy, my host siblings achieved yesterday. American candy is ok, but I could live without it... On the other hand, I was happy to find whoppers (something like malteser) in there.

At five, Stephanie came to pick me up and we both drove to Wallace, were the foundation banquet was.
We got nice photographs and that inspired me to do something with my scratch book. Because I don't want to write what I've written before again, here's the page:


Good night my dear friends

Dear... Haha
What is a deer without eyes?
No-eye-deer. (read it aloud)