Start of a new week and "Snow" Day


Jap... Was quite a while since I wrote the last time... Spanish gave me always so much time that I don't have now anymore to write my blog.

Standing up, driving to school, more genetics notes in biology, our field trip in marine science got cancelled due to bad weather conditions and so we took notes about sponges, math was mainly reviewing and talking about asymptotes. In anatomy we had a little web quest and researches skin disorders.

When I got home, I was hanging around with Hannah and Kelley in the kitchen until the school announced a snow day for Tuesday because of snow in the morning. Which means I was able to sleep in at Tuesday :) knowing that there will be a day off got me creative: (null)
And Kelley got a new laser for the cats, so that was quite fun too. And lots of food :3 Apples to make applesauce. Kelleys applesauce is the best :D

We didn't go to Kraft maaga that night cause Hannah still got the dress to work on and Kelleys knee was hurting.
HIMYM instead is pretty awesome too.

I didn't sleep quite as long as I expected myself to and so I got up at 8:30 at my free day.
What to do? Breakfast. Finishing the book I've been reading for such a long time. Write the blog. The fashion show for Hannah's dress was planned for February 24th, and she was working like crazy on it because there were only hours left until I should have presented it on the Walk... Thanks to the bad weather (rain was freezing on the street), the libraries closed though and the show was postponed.
I would send you a picture of the "snow", but I didn't think about it in the morning, then the rain washed it away and yeah... It was nothing serious for Chemnitz standards but people here don't have the engines and everything to get over an icy road.

Hannah and I got milkshakes at cookout because we are verfressen.

No fencing for Tuesday night because it would have been too dangerous to take all the way to downtown and it was cancelled anyway as I found out on Wednesday.