Sport, shopping and homework


Today was Veterans Day! So we got a day off school :)

But first things first.

Yesterday I did successful my german presentation, even though only two people understood what I said and other read the slides ;)
After my presentation I was more or less sitting around in the classroom, talking with the substitute about the "steak fair" ...she actually meant state fair, but honestly? It sounded about five times like steak ;D
It would be a nice idea as Alexei and I discussed later.
Because I didn't want to spend a whole hour doing nothing, I went to biology, where I worked on the assignment.
In English I had to realize that I read two chapters too less but I catches up during the lesson. We got a lot of homework...
Wrote a test in Spanish, didn't really study for it. Before the test we played a quiz (it's named kahoot and we play it over the Internet... Too lay to explain it now). I chose the name Gänseblümchen, what was something to wonder for many in my class.Another Viking was finished in ceramics and I was earlier at home after a school day than ever before because I live only 5min away from it :D ?

I joined my new family to martial arts, hit and kicked a lot of pillows, what reminded me of take-won-do. I think I'll go to the training every Monday now, what is good, because then I'll be back to normal and have training at Monday, Wednesday and Friday. *staying fit*

Today I slept till 11, read and annotated "the awakening" (parts of the English assignment), till it was 1pm.
Got a text yesterday that we'll meet for ultimate frisbee at 1.
So I got sport clothes on fast, asked Hannah if she could drive means was at the soccer fields at 1:20, they didn't even started at this time :D
Great time running and sprinting around today, I get at least better in catching, but my throws are still jokes :P

Get back home, take shower, get apple, climb into the truck... Because I went shopping with Hannah!
I got literally 8 pieces for 30$ :D
Outlets here are really amazing. I even saw a few Hollister shirts for 1$, but I didn't liked them (they were only one dollar, yes, that's 0,80€)

The only bad thing is that the time flew by and as I mentioned before: lots of homework.
I spent almost all my time from 19:00 to 23:00 reading the chapters for English and answering eight interpretative questions about them... My work was interrupted by dinner and socializing (how it's here called). Oh, and at one point there were five cats in my bed, I'm happy :D

And I still should do biology (gonna stand up an hour earlier tomorrow) and a homework I forgot for Spanish that was till Monday (going to work on it in lunch... A-lunch and during B-lunch I'll have art club, let's see when I will eat)

Except of the sudden appearance of school I had a pretty good day.

Hasta la vista, my darlings!