Sport followed by sour muscles and shopping


Monday, Jan 19th - Martin Luther King Day

In other words: no school, a free day. Still went to school around 12:30 because we had a frisbee scrimmage against the team from myrtle beach. Boy, that game was long but oh so good. After playing and running for two hours, we won 12:13 :D
I caught one point. Yeay.
After our glorious victory, I went to the hair dresser because there was a coupon for a haircut in the newspaper that morning and I wanted a new haircut anyways... I think that was the fastest and most inexpensive cut I ever got. 7$ +3$ tip in like 25min.
On my way home (I walked, the weather was and is quite nice out there), I was kind of smiling to myself because I'm complacent with the new length of my hair, Sherlock, if you read this, you found out what I didn't want to tell you yet. Mentioned Sherlock was also reason to smile for the rest of my walk.
Back home I had soup and then I went with Kelly and Hannah to Kraft maaga (or Tae kwon do, it's always changing and mixing) which was fun and afterwards we stopped by at Kohl's and Kelly got a bunch of stuff with a lot of coupons pretty cheap.
I made myself amazing dinner with leftover rice, broccoli, tomatoes and cottage cheese.

Tuesday, Jan 20th

Stayed until 11 in bed. Ate cottage cheese with fruits for breakfast (yep, cottage cheese is great). Thought about doing anything productive. Nothing comes to mind.
My family wants to go to some furniture store and look for paint and go to Mayfair afterwards. Mayfair sounds great, I'm in. The furniture store is more of a second-hand-everything-you-need-in-a-household store... Natalie is happy with her book, purchased with four other books, all together for 2$.
(Sorry, I'm in a weird writing mood)
Mayfair* was great! Kelly had a lot of coupons because of her birthday and so we went to several stores.
And right in the first store, I made an awesome catch!
A 200$ dress for 30$ and it looks amazing on me.
Then we went to Victoria secret, and because of their big sale, I got stuff that would normally be around 100$ for 40$!
I got pretty amazed.
We went also to some kitchen store and into a boutique, where I almost bought another cool dress. But it was 70$ and only good for the summer but not in school, or rotary... So I decided against it and to save the money (and I have pretty nice dresses in my closet now).
Hannah and I got ice cream at Cold Stove, which is really good ice cream.... Hmm, while Kelly got our dinner at Zoe's kitchen, which is kind of a food chain, but they try to stay natural and not to fry everything.
Because of all the shopping, I skipped frisbee training (and my legs are pretty sour from the combination of ice skating + frisbee running + Kraft maaga) but after eating our dinner, I went to fencing and that was a good decision. I fenced with épée and had even a victory over a for me challenging guy.

*Für all meine Freunde nicht aus Wilmington: Mayfair ist eine Art Shopping Meile, wo man eben hingeht um zu shoppen :D