Silvester... New Year's Eve


People don't always understand me if I say "silvester". They pretty much never understand me.
Even though you could think differently, silvester isn't an English word. Only a name. And not even a popular one.

What did I do yesterday... I slept quite long, I had breakfast and I read a book I borrowed from my family's shelf.
Toke a shower, skyped with my parents and wrote with tommy boy, was nice :)
And I still look for occasions to dress up a bit, so new year seemed good.
I have the feeling that it isn't as a big deal as it is in Germany. People don't run out of the house at midnight to see fireworks... Okay, I assume there are no big fireworks. They are forbidden in the state of North Carolina. But you watch the countdown from the Times Square. And you kiss someone at midnight. And as in Germany, you clink glasses and drink champagne -or in my case (and other people under 21 ;D) sparkling grape juice. Or soda...
But before we did all of this, I went with Alexei and his family to a party that was on their street and it was quite fun, we older kids played love it or hate it and had a good time, then we ate tortillas and played just dance ?
I stayed at Alexei's place till 1:15 and yes, I think it was a great way to start into the new year ;D