Should get back to English


My mind is working in German again.
To much talking with you -my loved ones- in the last days :p
So anyways...
Today was kind of cool.
Teachers like me. I'm a good kid :D

Biology: getting ready for big exam on Friday. Okay, maybe I'm not that good kid. I don't know yet when to study for this... And if I would take notes, this would be really clever, because we're allowed to use our notes in second part and I kind of ignored taking trough out this whole chapter.

In English I'm ok, got my bonus by coming after school to her and asking about what she has planned for tomorrow, and given her the homework due tomorrow. Got a "that is very responsible of you" from her, nice :)
In Spanish I did my test 1min before the end of the lesson, because I couldn't do it tomorrow and got 10/10 (because I'm great).
In ceramics I'm done with my project that due in two weeks. Maybe I'll do a second Viking garden gnome... When I have 5 of them, I can already sell them as limited edition :'D

I went shopping... Pants. Kind of forced myself to it, because I normally prefer shopping tops, but I don't have so many things to choose for the bottom, now that the temperatures get under 25°C and they still have the air conditioners working, so that I'm freezing in class.

Fencing was great.
I won against people, we had some tight matches and I practiced to get rid of my weaknesses.

Had a good dinner. Fish in tortilla and spinach

Now I'm going to do an workout (because I'm great) and then I have to take a shower (because my greatness has limits too) and then I will sleep, stand up and carry on to sleep on a long bus tour.

Falls ihr nix anderes zu tun habt:
Schreibt in die Kommentare, was ich backen soll...
Ich würde schon für Apfelstrudel gefragt, mich selbst gelüstet es nach Bienenstich, der Ananas-Buttermilch Kuchen wäre nicht kompliziert, ich habe ein Rezept für Zimt-Kürbis Bretzeln gefunden oder iwas anderes.