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Hmm... Got a bit nervous seeing that the presentation on the nervous system (my group) already starts on Friday. In biology we were talking about starting on it though, so I was looking forward that. Marine science with a sub. Lunch outside, I really enjoy our 23°C spring weather :D. Feminism Club. More Trig in math. We had a visitor in Anatomy, who was great. He gave a good presentation about bone growth and explained why the skull has several bones instead of being one.

Coming home, I didn't do much. Eats loads of bread, cause Kelley got fresh harvest bread from Harris Teeter and that is great... Watching New Girl with Hannah until it was late. Procrastination.


We didn't do the nervous system in Biology :/. Another day with the sub in marine science. In smart lunch, I went to tutoring for anatomy to make sure that I'll get all the words in the presentation right. Pronunciation off English scientific words is hard my friends. In math we had a sub and she had such an southern accent... :D I was really happy because it reminded me of me being here. This kind of accent is just something I won't catch up in the English lessons in Germany. In anatomy we reviewed important study tips, talked about plates, pins and other ways how to fix bones via surgery and started on the puberty: The Boys movie... Still totally 90s and amusing.

Watched again New Girl with Hannah and went in the evening to fencing :)


Because mrs. Wards daughter marries, we have a sub in AP Biology. He is really nice, but a chemistry teacher, so we have our independent work while he is there. Stil, I enjoy his character. In marine science, mr. Soodek returned. Math, eh, not favorite subject, but works pretty good with trigonometry. In anatomy, we finished on the boys puberty and it was hilarious.

Didn't go to fencing because I spent my whole after school time working on the finish of my shell project for marine science. Still time for the cats though :)