Let me tell you what was up yesterday :)

I got up before 6 am, drove with jean to Hoggard and got into the school bus.
In my first American school bus :D


On our over 2h drive to the center of North Carolina I mainly slept and read and listened to music :)

Breakfast at mc Donald's... Not so tasty


We went to a pottery museum and watched a guy making jugs on the wheel, then we went shopping.

The stores were lovely, but I didn't buy anything because most of the stuff was inspiration for what I can do myself :)


Had a lot of fun in a store where everywhere little mottos were hanging around :D


2,5h drive back and at the school I was a little bit desorientad because I couldn't find my hostmum
We found each other after 15min so it wasn't a problem.

Because of the crazy air conditioner it changed for me between slightly to warm (what I like) and freezing but I had like four layers so it was ok.
The bus driver had birthday and we sang her a song when we arrived back home.

We went grocery shopping and I got stuff for a pineapple coconut cake (thanks mum)

IMG_1574.JPGthe sky was amazing :)

In the evening I had a good time chatting with Alexei, I guess I'm arriving now that I start writing a lot with people at night here as I did it in Germany too.

Know it's almost 8am and I'm a little bit worried about my biology exam because I didn't prepared good :/

A special person wrote an email this night and I was really happy. Girl you made my morning.
I feel happy when people who I like are happy too :)
(I was singing this morning which isn't a good idea but anyways)