School's coming to an end



Im getting serious with my scrapbooking, got several pages done and got teachers to sign in :D

Also, we're not doing a whole lot in biology anymore, in marine science we cleaned our tanks and said goodbye to the fish. Math is going easy on me. In anatomy we talk about special senses, like vision. Good questions in class, but I feel that we're falling behind with the schedule.

Didn't go to fencing at night, but did an awesome workout.


Field trip in biology :D. We continued the cleanup in marine science, we took a test in math and talked again about eyes.

In the evening, I went to fencing at Hoggard and got my friends to sign the yearbook. Also I fenced Ryan, but in foil :/


In biology, the senior gave us advice, than they had to leave for graduation practice. We were allowed to see them, it was fun, because we started cheering over-enthusiastically when our friends showed up 

here you can see Bradleigh in the typical "hat and gown"

In marine science we were only half the people as all the seniors were gone, we planned for our cooking project next Monday. That means we talked for 15min about food and set around for the remainder of the time.

In math I got awarded for the "excellence in math" not sure if I deserve it, but thanks.

In anatomy we took a quiz on the book we are reading right now.
Oh and yeah, we are having the Viking review right now, which means that I only have A-lunch and help tutoring in B-lunch.
Yesterday afternoon we went to the beach and afterwards I went to fencing, which was really good after a so long time of no training.