School spirit


Okay... Actually I'm a bit to tired to write a post now.
But if I sleep now, I gonna forget a lot of stuff...
I'm sorry guys, but you'll have to wait.
I have a bunch of cool photos on my phone (that doesn't want to send or receive any text messages or phone calls -.-), so they will have to support my memory.
Was a really good day, though :)

Hab euch alle lieb, mehr Infos gobts morgen, weil heute ganzschön was los war und ihr davon erfahren solltet.

October 25th, 10:25
Good morning my dear friends :)
Yesterday's motto for the spirit week was blue and white, our school colors as final of spirit week.
Sadly, it wasn't so spectacular because... Come on, blue an white are not the most attention getting colors. Most of the people in school looked pretty normal.
I for myself chooses a jeans and a blue pullover and looked like it was a normal day -but in 4th period I finally found the school spirit!
Gigi had a great outfit :D


Here a short summary of my school day:
In biology mrs. Ward read us a part of the book Survival of the Sickest, which seems pretty interesting, and we had time to prepare for our midterm exam or to correct our previous tests :)
English started (as almost every day) with the announcements by Jacob Tippit (if it's written this way), what brought like almost every every time a smile on face :D. The vocab test went a lot better for me then expected (I didn't learn ;)) and then we corrected each other's papers.
Now comes the interesting part!
Because we had a Pep Rally, everybody had to go to home room (where I had a nice talk with Virginia, an exchange student from Italy), then we had lunch for 25min, and went to the gymnasium afterwards to watch the pep rally.
It wasn't so amazing, nothing much happend. Cheerleaders jumping around

IMG_1693.JPGIMG_1690.JPG, orchestra played music, homecoming court was shown and then a bit of tug-of-war, we went back to home room *un-orientated as I am, I thought, we had to go the the next lesson of course...* , where my mother suddenly decided to have conversation with me.
Spanish wasn't a big event, and in ceramics I colored another cup.

We drove home to get jackets for us and Sophie to her room, and then we got back to school, because Friday night was the big Homecoming Game ...
My school did a little tail gate, where I got free face painting, played Just Dance and twister :'D

My dinner was tacos, it was pretty good :)

Than I met Alexei (which was lucky, because my phone is acting weird and when I'm without wifi I'm not reachable :/) and we got a spot in the students block...
I have to admit that I didn't follow the game, but half of the others didn't either, so it's ok.
In the second break (half time), the marching band did her show together with the color guard (people who are waving flags in a choreography), home coming prince and princess, king and queen were announced.


Then I had to leave, because Jude has to get to bed some time and so I went out of the stadium, through a little cloud of weed smell, and stood in front of the car.
I'm still german enough to be over-punctual.
But it was no problem because I was close enough to the school to have wifi and chatted a bit with Alexei, so that the 10min of waiting in a not-too-dark place weren't a big problem for me :)

Washing of the blue color on my face and workout at home, then went to sleep :)