School, Rotary and Fencing


Today I went to school as normal but stopped by before the lessons to get a check-out pass (you have to go the the office, they will give you a sheet of paper that you'll need to leave the class, a bit different to Germany)

In biology, we learned about the electron flow, which is highly interesting, especially as my book uses the same diagram that was shown to Tom and me in 9th grade as addition to what we had to learn in bio. If I'm honest, back than, I didn't understand what was meant. But it was only one, were little humans are drowning electrons around, the one that shows proteins and chlorophyll makes way more sense to me and explain ps the same only as it is really instead of imagine little people in our thylakoids...
In English I was kind of sad that I missed the last 10min because I was checked out. The lesson was pretty good. I really like English, especially during the time we read a book, I only could live without the homework :P

With Steve I drove to Hampstead, which is about 20min from Hoggard high.
It was planned that I hold my presentation at the Rotary Club meeting in the restaurant of a gulf club... But somehow we weren't able to open my presentation and so I looked for a few pictures of Chemnitz on the laptop and answered questions.
Quite a few questions were about the history, especially when Germany was still divided and as you might know, I'm not a specialist in this area. But I think I did a good job and we had a nice time, good food and friendly people around us.

I came back to school at 2:20, so that I was able to attend a hour of ceramics (successfully skipped Spanish :D)

After school, Alexei gave me cookies from the german club meeting(haha, I consider my self now member of it, but it seems to me just like a food exchange club - I don't mind, that's great too)

I walked home again, because I decided to start to not only talk about alternatives to driving, but act on them too.

Fencing was great, many good matches (that I won) and I'm not sure... The guys there may not be my closest friends, but I got two hugs and a bounce, what gives me a good feeling :)

Home, shower, soup and English homework, nice, warm feeling all over me, some socializing and now blog.

good night my dear friends :)