Saturday full of Art, Sunday full of... Food :D



Yesterday we went to Raleigh, a big city, that is about 2h away from Wilmington (not Autobahnhours, highway hours ;D're not allowed to drive as fast as in Germany here) to visit family of Jean, because her nice Megan graduated this week. She was taking part on a street festival at this day, too and so we went into the city (which is btw beautiful and got a lot of trees) to look at all the art.
This festival was called the "creative explosion festival" and it was mainly artist (from elementary school age to adults), who draw their picture on a 1,50mx1,50m area with chalk.

IMG_0779.JPG IMG_0782.JPG The flame person is the mascot.

There was a circus too, with half naked people, acting pretty spiritual...


A lot of food stands

And I got a " monster cookie" :D


We went through the bazaar with all the local handcraft arts too and it was quite interesting, but I wasn't determined enough to buy anything, even though everything was local and " typical North Carolina" -but I'll be here for another 10 months, so it won't be the end of the world.

Afterwards, we went all to the house of Jeans family, who got a crazy dog with which I had a lot of fun. At night ( for my lovely German follows: evening = night in English. Took me some time to get used to it) we went to an Irish restaurant, where I had one of the best burgers in my life (shrimps and a good sauce and vegetables). Only bad thing: got bitten by mosquitos.

Today I mainly hanged out in my room, finished my e-book. On the iPad, printed out an article for English tomorrow and was making, and eating food, while Jude at friends over.
Kartoffelpuffer were eaten with delight by my host family :)

und jetzt im Schnelldurchlauf auf deutsch:
Samstag waren wir in raleigh, eine Stadt 2h entfernt von North Carolina, Familie besuchen, haben ein straßenfestival besucht, in dem sich Künstler und künstlerisch begabte Schüler kreativ auf einem Stückchen Straße mit Kreide auslassen durften.
Verrückter Hund, essen im irischem Restaurant, leckerer burger, Mückenstiche.

Heute: wenig Schule (kaum Hausaufgaben, yes!), lesen und viel essen :p