Ready for Friday


This week (yes, only this two days) seems to go on for ever...

Okay. Today's happenings.
AP Biology: speaking about cell walls, learned some new stuff today, which is good.
English: read my article aloud today... Was kind of excited, but at the at everybody clapped and I got an "excellent" from my teacher. Does anybody want to read it? Just comment below.
Spanish: my Spanish teacher seems to be in a bad mood... It kind of gets me in a bad mood. I don't like getting in a bad mood only because of a teacher too much. We are exercising pronouns now, which is good, but be pause of German grammar I can pick up a little bit faster than the others.
Ceramics: I did like three projects today... Cups/mugs are a little bit boring.

In lunch we had a meeting for art club, were we talked about organization stuff again and did a puzzle with tooth pics (but it was totally easy, we did this in 6th grade in math I guess...). I was finished first together with my partner and we both won a pen.

After school we had to wait because nobody was there to drive us home... It takes us pretty exactly 20min to get home, which isn't so long as it felt in the beginning. As I told you, they're already selling pumpkins.

IMG_1461.JPG(look at this sky :D 25°C, nice weather)

But when we finally got home, I had a pretty nice dinner with Chris and showed him Kleinolbersdorf, Augustusburg and Chemnitz a little bit with Google maps.

Thing I learned today: they don't know Sommerrodelbahnen in Amerika *schock*