Random pieces of wisdom


Its like 6min before midnight here and I thought I just gonna blog before going to sleep. So apparently adults think I'm really responsible and grown up, etcetera, so I decided to share my basic rules (that are somewhere back in my head, I don't even recognize them as specific rules, more behavior guidelines) that help me to behave in the way I behave.

  1. Be optimistic, realistic and practical. If you face a challenge and expect to fail, you're more likely to fail then if you tell yourself you can do it. The realistic way of seeing it is to accept an amount of work connected to the challenge. You have to actually do stuff before you get rewarded. Being practical is the way of getting unpleasant chores done in the most efficient way and having the mindset of: "They asked me for something and it might not be my favorite activity to do right now, but it's way less work then being in a fight."
  2. Be honest. If I lied (I actually try to limit inhonesty to the absolute minimum) it would take me a lot of time organizing and remembering my stories. Having people not trust you ar needing to defend yourself for an unnecessary lie is just not worth it.
  3. Listen. A broad spectrum of people want to share their stories, and not only via social media. It's hard to find someone who will actually spend intense time with you for over half an hour, but almost everybody wishes deep within for a person to trust and who gives them the attention (and more) they deserve. People normally will be thankful and be there for you too. Also, you can find out new, interesting information and maybe make a new friend.
  4. Become friends with people that are less likely to get you into trouble. Yes, the party chick that does illegal stuff on the weekends and has a bunch of other "cool" friends seems like a great person to start building a network with, because she knows everyone. But this is not how it works. Think about who is worth the time and what their free time activities are, before you get really close and attached to them. The best way to not get into trouble is to not interact much with people who get into trouble.
  5. Decide by yourself what you enjoy and what not, try different experiences. You would like to get in shape but you hated gym? You don't want to depend on a team or you could never motivate yourself by your own? There are so many different sports out there, go for it! You can always drop something if it feels wrong. Consider that it takes time to become good though if you choose competitive activities. Same goes with food, even though it doesn't need practice to like or dislike something.
  6. Look forward. Having a rough time? There is always something, even if it's small to look forward to. Your grandmas birthday, a trip to the next town, drinking your favorite coffee next weekend in this little bookstore-cafe fusion you found a bit ago.
  7. Ask for help. In my case: I don't know a word, I ask someone to describe it. I'm not sure about my emotions, I find someone to trust and take up of there time, often I figure out solutions by myself while telling them, other times they can help making decisions.
  8. Say thank you. Everyone likes to know he or she is appreciated.
  9. You are not acting as embarrassing and awkward as you think you do. Nobody will remember if you did not-so-good, so if it's nobody important it's not the biggest deal to make a great impression. If the impression is great, awesome. You will stay in there minds for quite a while. If not, who cares? They will most likely forget you, which won't have a big impact on your life. This mindset helped me build up the confidence that enables me making a great impression *throwing hair back*

So that's pretty much it. I wouldn't even have expected 9 points, and I could have made more, it's a bunch of small fragments that seem to make up part of my character.

Hope you enjoyed this post that might have improved your wisdom, hasta la vista!