Pumpkins... Pumpkins everywhere!


IMG_0930.JPGInside joke, never mind :P

Today was definitely fun.
I was invited over to Alexei and to paint a pumpkin, and so I arrived there at 12:25 after I went grocery shopping with Jean.
We got a phone call that said that the friends who we thought would come at 12:30 wouldn't come for quite a time because they volunteered at the Pumpkin Patch of a church near by.
We young adults (;P) decided to help there too, so that they would be done faster and so we drove there.
Of course not directly, because we didn't look sooo much forward. It and we needed gas. Visited about 5 gas stations....

Transporting pumpkins out of a truck to some other place in the church yard is kind of fun in a big team.
I guess we were about 40 people and I had over 200 pumpkins in my hands today.
This place looked very... Orange. Pumpkins everywhere!

When we were finished after 1,5h pumpkin carrying, we went to a Java bar, I got a smoothie, with was very tasty.

And then we made our art happen.
I draw one with a cat on the one site and a skeleton on the other, Alexei did sponge bob, we had a green monster, flags, a flamingo, a house... It was pretty cool :D