so, as promised, here's the post about my American prom :D

I stayed for the weekend with the bagnals again and so I had Anne and Caroline to help me prepare for prom :)

We started the day relaxed though, I slept quite a while and finished the book I borrowed from Anne and then we looked for shoes for Anne.

We were back at the house around 2:30pm and we started of with curling my hair...

The hair. I planned on something a bit different from what it finally was, but my plan was just there to have one instead of trying something crazy. We just didn't finish all the way for the planned one and I think, it still went out to be great. 


The make-up. Because of my dress with the red roses and my mask -it was a masquerade- I decided to put my lips into a deep red.  


The dress. As I've told you a few months before, I had the awesome incident of finding a perfect dress from 200$ down to a 30$ sale.... I wore it and it was awesome.  

  And of course, most importantly, My date. Maybe you already figured, but I went with Alexei. He picked me up from the Bagnals, we drove to Sierras house and took a bunch of pictures there. Pay attention also to the nice flower decorations that are typical for prom - the corsage and boutonnière- at my wrist and at his tux :). Roses matching to my dress ?

   That's one of our whole group. We also went out for dinner before prom, Alexei and me stopping by at the river walk to take amazing pictures like the one of us two (with the battleship in the background). The food at George (the restaurant we were eating at) was delicious. At around 8:30 (about an hour after start) we went to the Hilton hotel, where prom was.

Prom was pretty impressive, even though I'd still say that Americans are not the best dancers :P I thought the chachacha to Alexei and so we were able to make everyone jealous with our fancy dance moves. I also danced with Arielle, JayJay, Melissa, Abby... I'm thankful, that they had free water (for 45$ that should be expected). There was also a buffet, but our dinner was so good and filling that I didn't feel like taking a bite.

After prom was over -at 11:30, Alexei and I short looked by the room his friends booked for the night, but besides Tv and music nothing was going on, so we joined Arielle, JayJay, Trent, Maddie and their friends to Slice of Life. Still not really hungry, I suck with water.

We left after about 45min though, because I had a curfew and was supposed to be back at 1.

All in all it was a wonderful and amazing night :)