Pizza Friday


After a pretty normal day at school Friday (got test back in biology, watched a movie about plankton in marine science, spent lunch with Melissa, wrote test in math -not enough time :/- and researched stuff in anatomy), I planned to go with Hannah to defy gravity, because she wanted to celebrate her birthday there. But only two of her friends would haven been able to come and while we were waiting, a bunch of kids entered the building and we got annoyed enough to cancel it because of them.

At home we wondered what we could do instead and I told her we could make our own pizza. So we went to lowes food and got all our ingredients that we didn't have home. Amazing stuff: because we are so close to the coast, shrimps are something normal to have in the freezer. So I was able to have a shrimps-broccoli-corn-tomato-mozzarella (don't judge me on my awesome taste) pizza :D
Also we had a little movie night and watched Rubber and The Brass Teapot :D

The only bad thing about that day was that I didn't go to frisbee but had a high intake of calories. I had a really lazy week regarding sports anyway, up I also feels like I got a few pounds extra. I'd start doing my regular workouts again and attend to the sports.