Picnic at the Park


Today it was to windy to go surfing, at least for a starter as I am...
But I woke up pretty early (at about 7:45) anyways...
For breakfast I had Buchteln/Einback, that I baked yesterday night (or at least tried to, I guess I had the wrong kind of flour and that's why it isn't very fluffy, more dense, but still tastefull) together with rice pudding, that jean made yesterday out of the to mushy sushi rice. And grapes.

Then I went back to my room again, because nobody was awake (or awake and out of their rooms) and read in my biology book a little bit (because this is the permanent homework: do your reading!), but got distracted after a while, because I already found yesterday night a great Harry Potter parody/parallel universe, where Harry is a scientific genius, gets friends with Malloy (at least where I am) and has fantasies about dominating the world.

Anyways, after a while, jean appeared at my door and asked me where I want to join in the daily activities:
1) bringing Sophie to friends
2) shopping at COSCO
3) picnic with Jude's school

Because I got not so much to do (English homework, reading for biology, vocabulary learning for Spanish ...what I don't really do) I joined everything.
Between 1) and 2) jean let me out at the library and went to some other store herself.
As I said before, this library is huge and it took me some time to orientate. After a while I found the fiction part of the library and even a book that wanted to come with me, but because of my Potter parody and school etc (speaking instead of hiding a book makes connections) I decided to let the book stay there and I was 5min late anyways so I saved time I would have needed to check out.

COSCO is this huge Grocery store with all those huge packings and stuff like this...
Only the peppers are tiny. And of course the baby carrots. I love them :3

After a big shopping (I don't remember the price and I didn't looked for it, but more than 100$) we went to the park and we were (surprise) early. Sorry for my sarcastic tone, I'm still used to the German punctuality, that says "arrive 5min earlier" instead of the American way of life: "we have to start at 10! Start: 10:45"
At the beginning it was a little bit boring for me, because we knew nobody (at least it felt that way), then all the kids arrived and it was kind of annoying. At this point I thought about the book in the library.
After eating way to much of all this delicious stuff of the picnic (tried to stick with vegetables and dip, but there were pretty good noodles too and then fruits and a few chips and a cookie -don't judge me-) I went for a walk through the park and it was really nice. Suddenly all the children sounds disappeared and the weather was perfect today, there I had a good half-shadow because of the pines. On my little hike/walk/breeze I saw about 5 lizards and at least 10 squirrels.

IMG_0821.JPG source: http://funnystack.com/category/funny-squirrel/page/8/

When I returned, we got back home, where I actually did my English homework (or at least what I think it is, it's till Tuesday, so I can ask my teacher tomorrow) and yeah... Hang unproductively around...
All this stuff we bought today is so good that I'm totally looking forward my lunch tomorrow.
Here a little hint about my English homework (kind of preparing to write an essay)


Workout, reading Harry potter, now laying in bed and writing blog.

Yes, I know, many of you would prefer both languages or only their own (or at least I think that). There might also be people, who think, that my posts a bit boring, because I post everyday or every other day. But my brain isn't really good at remembering... This blog is for myself too, please understand :) that's why my language is sometimes not perfectly picked and that's why there are sometimes totally irrelevant informations. But this are the ones I would forget the fastest!

Inhalt des Obenstehenden:
- kein Surfen diesen morgen, zu windig
- lesen: Bio und Harry Potter Parodie
- Bibliothek, aber nix ausgeliehen
- Großeinkauf
- Picknick im Park, wo ich dann spazieren gegangen bin und die Tierwelt (hauptsächlich Eidechsen und Eichhörnchen) bewundert habe
- zu viel essen
- Hausaufgaben, workout, im Zimmer rumhängen

Dieser Blog ist da, um mein *hust*erbärmliches*hust* Gedächtnis zu unterstützen, deshalb bitte ich um Verzeihung, falls ich manchmal nur einsprachig agiere oder total ins Detail gehe oder nur ganz schnelle Übersetzungen wie hier mache. Dankeschön :)