Penisfencing, feminism club, crazy math, Dr. G, and normal Fencing 


so yesterday was fun.

First we had guys from the navy over that told us about nuclear power plants. They asked if people were interested in joining the navy but they weren't here to recruit anyone. When they were gone, we learned how to do gel electrophoresis (our lab for the next days) via a video.

In marine science we watched The Shape of Life, a series about how life evolved on earth and is very particular about our topics. Apparently, Flat worms "penisfence" when the sexually reproduce and the one who can sting the other with the penisfence first is the male. The "loser" is the female, because now she has to bear the eggs and provide nutrition for them.

In lunch I went out of curiosity to the feminist club, where we watched a video about genders and that there are more genders than just two.

Math isn't nice for me right now, because I'm kind of slow sometimes- too slow. But at least we had free seating say, so I sat between Erik and Kaya, who are my friends in this class.

In anatomy we watched dr. G and maybe my enjoyment of a show in a morgue is weird. Whatever ^^

Back home I worked on my prezis for the german presentations and then went to fencing, we're I had a good time. (2 won, 2 lost)