Peace, man


Hippies vs. hipsters
Oh yes. Today I displayed my flower power.
After what I know from Germany I won't go as a hipster. But- hipsters here don't have as a bad image as the German hipsters.
Hippies won anyway.
IMG_1684.JPG(I had a different hair dress (?) but I'm really fascinated and in love of/with this curls *-*)

Before I go on I have to tell you what happend yesterday evening! My host brother Jude won a trip to DISNEYWORLD!

I'll see if I go there too, and it sounded like I can come with them (even though I'll have an other family at this time)...

Today at school: speaking 45min about enzymes in biology, than had time to correct outer tests...
Reading the declaration of sentiments in English (declaration of equality between men and women, women rights...), which was heavily lecture, at least for me. Our homework: write your own declaration of something based on the declarations you read.... Feeling challenged.
In Spanish we had to do a test as preparation for the midterm exam, that I finished after 20min. We had the whole 90min time for it... Read a bit of the Harry Potter parody. (Have I mentioned that I'm long done with my book I got from the library?)
In ceramics I finished my second Viking, even though I don't like it as much as the first one.

After school we spent a lot of time driving around, going to Krispy Kreme doughnut, and bringing Sophie to lacrosse training.

IMG_1678.JPGDoughnut dough...

IMG_1679.JPGIt gets dropped into the fat...

IMG_1680.JPGTurned around...

IMG_1681.JPGLeaves the fat and goes through other steps like glazing and filling 

IMG_1677.JPGAnd ends up in the hands of a not-self controlled human being, who takes a bite before she thinks of taking a picture *annoying foodpics*