Pajama vs. Fancy


It's spirit week!
That means, we have everyday a motto how we should dress up.
Today was pajamas vs. fancy.

Of course not everybody showed up dressed like this, but I'd say 40% of the school came in pajamas, 10% in fancy clothes.-
Guess what I did :)
At home I would probably not take part on it, but high school is a little less serious (at least for me), so I got some fancy stuff and make up on^^

IMG_1655.JPGThat are Lucy and Hannah, with whom I sit in lunch with :)
Onesies (as Hannah wares one) are pretty popular as it seems

School today was pretty good, I enjoyed biology the most, because English was a little boring, in Spanish we were teached in a shouting voice, which was kind of annoying and not necessary and ceramics was just painting...

My plans for Halloween aren't so sure any more, Liam didn't know what I was talking about today, strange.
I'll find someplace to go but I was really looking forward to the hunted house.

Its me again... But now it's in the evening (the text above is from after school)
Instead of driving straight home, as I aspected, we went to the mall because Sophie needed some shoes. Don't ask me why we went to pacsun and forever 21 before we got to the shoe store :P
I didn't buy anything because I don't need anything right now (and it's kind of hard to keep your money together when you buy clothes :o).
My feet killed me. After a school day in heels (not really high but still) I was walking like a zombie: not fully elegant and admirable like a cat, how I normally walk ;)
Than we got Jude (I don't like hungry, tired children) and finally got home, where jean prepared dinner and I tried to study a bit for biology bit my brain wouldn't accept any more information :/

I don't know why, but I'm pretty tired today.
Tomorrow is gonna be awesome :D *having plans*

And about that haunted house thing... Others didn't like it too much and even thought it's boring, so I'll be ok.