Nothing done on Sunday


So I slept until 12 o' clock... Maybe not that long, but I got up at 12.
Breakfast. Maybe lunch when I think about the time. Let's call it brunch.
Kelley left for work, Hannah and Al drove to the airport so that he could fly to Boston.
I skyped with my I beloved parents, which was a nice thing to do as it was some time since the last.
Hannah came back, but had to leave again because Al's plain to Boston was cancelled due to snow.

I tried to have social contact, so I wrote to my biology friends... Everyone watching Super bowl or doing homework.
Which reminded me of my own homework, that I did then. Also I studied for Anatomy. It's not so easy to remember all the regional terms :/

Supper was hamburgers (like only the beef) with onions, paprikas and potatoes. I watched part of the halftime show of the super bowl, it wasn't good.