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Hey there!
Another week of school has started. Again.
As I was sitting in the car this morning, I realized, that I was the last year pretty happy to go to school at pretty much every day. But here... Nah
Then I realized, that I miss you guys.
Coming in the classroom at 7:25, check the mood of my best friend (still loving you, even though what is going on), annoy everyone with a big smile and have a topic to talk about (and wondering by myself how I can do this so early in the morning, because I'm not really a morning person...)
I have a little group of friends now, but I see them at lunch. Of course I come along with the people of my other classes too, but it's not the same as having friends (and about 18 other people, that I happen to know) the whole schooldays around me.
So I'm in a weird mood, because my brain still pours out I'm-happy-hormones, dopamine and stuff, you know. But my thoughts are like: "hey, why are you so happy?"

Anyways, there wasn't much happening the last days.
Yesterday ... I cannot remember it :o dammit.
I only remember that we had a pizza for dinner, but at school literary nothing happened. Hmm
Today we microscoped (yeah, that word doesn't exist) and it was pretty exiting, because we had to figure out, what we saw. On the other hand it was pretty easy.
In English we are still writing on our essays for the whole week and maybe I'll publish mine here if I like it, because it fits.
Lunch break: it was raining and that means it is forbidden(!) to go outside, but your not allowed to stay inside the classrooms (except you have tutoring) and hallways too. Let's go in the gym or cafeteria, everyone!
Spanish was pretty senseless. We had do find acronyms (Eselsbrücken) to remember stuff we learned. My group got capitals of Spanish speaking countries. (Quit assuming monkey carcass like llama boats below sand.)
In ceramics I started a mug.
Oh! Yesterday, I finished my mushroom.


Still looking for bread. Found some "bread rolls" that don't taste so bad :)

-vermiss euch
-Schule hier ist irgendwie laasssaaangweilig (oh, jetzt hab ich ausversehen sowas wie Lasagne-weilig geschrieben...)


P.S. und ja... Es ist vllt nicht die beste Idee, den Blog als eine Art Tagebuch Richtung Gefühle zu benutzen... Aber ich bin zu faul, einen Stift in die Hand zu nehmen :/