My Little Terciary Structure :)


I did this yesterday in my AP Bio class. And today we had a lab to check, if starch is in a liquid...
I'm not sure... If this class were in German, I might be bored, but in this way I'm improving my biology-English-skills :D *thumbs up*
My English class takes at least one hour very evening for home works...
Spanish is still fun though, I'm starting to really make friends (at least I think so ;) )
I love the announcements from the speaker at the beginning of first period, today we were told, that it is day of the teddy bear :) I assume that I will record this little announcements sometime, they're just so great
Tomorrow I'll be the first meeting with my fencing club, hooray :D
Hope it gets sporty and is not all about technic, because you have to be fast and fit...
I kind of missing three times sport a week and my (try to) daily workouts for about 15min are just not the same.

Keine Lust, jetzt zu übersetzen, bin nach den ganzen Hausaufgaben etwas zu müde :p
Fragt google