Muhahaha... *evil laugh*


Yeah, I skipped my post yesterday.

The day before halloween
But nothing big happened. I mean, the day was good (especially the first half), Spanish got me a bit mad, because some nasty girls talked in such a loud voice that everybody had to listen and throw cuss words on each other, it just was annoying. And then the start talk about their drivers license. They just got 16. They don't show any symptoms to be grown ups. They think throwing food around is funny. And they will be allowed to drive a car on the streets soon.
I'm not.
Yeah, I guess it's jealousy, but I don't have a problem with nice people driving, but those kids are way to childish (still looking for a better word) to be allowed to do something that I'm not allowed to do being 2 years older than them.

Anyway, on my drive home I learned that I'll switch host families already next weekend. That's soon.

Today was a half day at school, so we were finished at 12:45.
Biology was ok, not so perfect as in the rest of the week,
In English we talked about giving good speeches and than trained to describe something. We had to describe forms on our paper to the person in front of us who didn't see it. Describe Würfel without knowing the English word... I just used dice, which is the same thing but one would use a dice for games. And the guy tried to explain a zickzack line to me and it took me some time :)
Spanish was ok, we learned how to speak about time and the class was kind of calm(er).
Got a 100 in ceramics and colored the lady Viking for coach Newton.

Then I changed clothes for ultimate frisbee, got my lunch with me and waited at the field... Training was supposed to start at one, so I'm there at 12:50-12:55, enough time to eat a bit and fun like this... Waiting. Feeling awkward about people walking by and starring at me.
1:05 the first two people came, the other two girls who just started.
And five minutes later the others arrived. We had a really nice training, learned a new defense technique, so it was great.
Fazit: I'm still German enough to be over punctual to appointments when I can control by myself when I will arrive (frisbee field - school = walking distance)

Other than when I'm depending to a car. What happens quite often. Because there's less to no public transport (...missing german trams).

After I was told that it was kind of forgotten that a particular somebody wanted to go to a haunted house with me, I decided to join Alexei to go to his friends party.
My host family celebrated at Marry's, the woman (and her family) with whom I went surfing.
I drove with them (we started 18min later driving there than planned) and got dropped of at Alexei's place, because the party of the friend was starting later and that made kind of sense.
Tatiana and Megan (hope I remember right) were dressed up as Lilo and Stitch, I went as cowgirl and Alexei had his lederhosen on :)

Because we had time left over before the party started, Alexei and I decided to watch a movie. Talked him into Dr . Horribles Sing-Along-Blog :D
Then we watched something called retarded policemen (or officer?) and I introduced Alexei to asdf-movie.

*driving to friends house...*
Many cars on the side of the road, a lot of people walking on the street, and we driving through that chaos... Finding parking spot.
The beginning of the party was a bit weird, because we mainly stood around awkwardly, but it got really funny, when we went outside to go to a haunted house in the neighborhood.
Yes, I got a taste of the haunted house tonight!
It was nothing big of course, but it still was fun.
We went trick-or-threading at two or three doors (whoppers are yummy American candies... *-*) and then we went back to the house because it was a bit chilly outside and we mainly went for the haunted house.
Tried to watch a movie inside, but nobody else wanted to watch silence of the lambs and the rest of the movies was lame and then they put on wrestling... Not my favorite choice, but okay...
I learned tweaking this night and we danced one pretty funny dance, but suddenly everyone was on his phones.

Alexei was so nice to drive me home and here I am.

*heart attack*
The battery warning for the fire alarm just went on for one second in a really high volume. Shock.

I'll add the group photo if I find one, because some of the others took some but I forgot to take pictures.

Tomorrow morning we'll have a pancake breakfast and in the evening I'll go to a dinner with my rotary club.

Das Ganze nochmal in Deutsch...
Es frustriert mich, wenn nervige, arrogante, unerzogene gerade-16-jährige erlaubt sind, Auto zu fahren und ich nicht.
Ich werde nächstes Wochenende umziehen.
Was ich im Unterricht so mache, könnt ihr euch übersetzen, das einzige interessante ist, dass mir Vokabeln für Formen wie Würfel oder Kugel nicht einfallen.
Meine Überpünktlichkeit (die ich in Dtl Versuche auszuleben) macht hier keinen Sinn, da jeder 5 bis 15min später kommt.
Frisbee Training hat Spaß gemacht, neue Strategie gelernt und schön ausgepowert.
Dr. Horrible Alexei gezeigt :)
Auf der Halloween-Party von Alexeis Freund angefangen etwas fehl am Platz gewirkt (zusammen mit den meisten anderen), aber zu einem Haunted House der Nachbarn gegangen und "tanzen" gelernt ;)

Ich hoffe, Ihr hattet einen schönen Reformationstag, oder eben einen schönen freien Freitag, Bye!