More pancakes, fruit salad and a graduation party


So I woke up at 8, because I set my alarm clock... Read for a while, got up, drank some almond milk...
At eleven o clock, I was supposed to meet with some of my biology people for brunch at Our Crepes and More, so I held back with eating breakfast.
Hannah and I were there 5min after 11, but no one else had showed up yet. So we sat on the bench in front of the crepes place in the sun and waited. 11:20, Anne showed up and 11:30 Andrew too.
We had a good time, I had a great mushroom cream soup and the others good looking crepes, at one we split of each other, Hannah and I dropped Anne at her home.
We needed some seeds for the garden in spring and so we went to the Asian market, where Hannah got amongst others rape seeds (Raps Samen), that would normally be canola seeds, but because of the Japanese word, it sounds like rape.

Back home, Kelley reminded us, that we should use the watermelon and so Hannah and I both spooned half a water melon. Seeing the nice hollow green halfs, Hannah told me that we totally should use them as bowls and I told her we could make fruit salad. So we cut the pineapple, kiwis, banana, an apple, a dragon fruit and lemons and I had my super portion of fructose.

(null) we made also some chocolate and added whipped cream :x

After that, we chatted a bit about the Internet and how weird it can be and then Alexei picked me up to go with him and his family to the graduation party of his cousin. It was fun, we played the game with the bean bags, that the players have to throw on a board with a hole. Points can be scored if the bean bag falls through the hole (3 points) or when the bean bag lays on the board (1 point). I'm not so good in the game.
Afterwards, we went to Alexei's place, where we 5 people watched scary movie 5 - so trashy, that it is already good again.