Things I realized:

1. Ignoring home works and tests is a solution, especially if your whole class does it.
2. Cutting off my german contacts helps a lot to improve my language skills.
3. (Almost) everybody I really come along with and seems cool doesn't like the USA.
4. People are impressed by German culture, especially if you tell them about Bavaria. (Beer, the game, where they put each other over the table by their pinkies, etc.)
5. I like Asian food. I guess Japanese if I should be more concrete (my host parents stayed for quite a time in Japan, so they took some of the eating habits with them).
6. The teacher, whom I high five, every time I see him realy looks forward that Apple strudel that I promised him.
7. I like Netflix when it is working
8. I catches up more ideas for a BeLL (kind of senior project) here (6 weeks) than in the last 6 months I was thinking about a topic in Germany.
9. I would like to change the school system, but I don't have the power, so we leave it with my point of view: you could do so much better, you have very intelligent people too.

sonst so...
I should chat a little less in Spanish.
Today I had a delicious pudding.
My dinner:

I invited myself to the Halloween sleepover of my lunch friends, after making a list last week what to do with me (going to Walmart and watch crazy people, going to Waffle House,...) they made today a list what movies to watch this night. Could end in Disney movies.
They are showing Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog at the film club next month, I'm pretty excited cause it's one of my favorite movies :D
It's free on YouTube, if you have 45min left over sometime...

I won a arm-pushing (own translation) /arm wrestling (dictionary, lame!) today :D first against a boy (he didn't put to much effort in it, though), than against a girl. I should go on doing push ups :D

We got our grades today and it's looking good :)


New photos in my aquarium post!