Monday - reviews in school and sport in the evening 


Yeay... In biology, we almost did only review, spoke a bit about viruses in the last 10min.

In marine science, we uhm.... Oh, yes. We did book work. Amazing.

I sat in lunch with Trent and went for B-lunch to anatomy to make up a quiz I missed due to my absence last week.

In math, we learned something new and I spent the last half hour with writing a math test instead of working on the review packet for the midterm. Yeay, we wrote this test also in a room where a teacher sat that seems to enjoy country music,Mao that was playing during my test :P

Midterm review in anatomy.

Got home, ate kiwis, watched two episodes of how I met your mother (Netflix *-*) and then left with Hannah and Kelley, first to get the paperwork for Hannah's new car done and then to martial arts.

After this whole day I felt somehow powerless and annoyed by everything, but I just decided to sleep early and yeah... This morning I wasn't less tired though :/